A Few Words on Passwords

Much has been written about the fact that strong, unique passwords are important. The fact of the matter, from what we’ve seen, is that most people – including teens – ignore that advice. They’re ignoring it at their own peril.

I got a message this week from a site that I’d mostly forgotten about called Have I Been Pwnd. The way the site works is that you enter your email and it tells you whether any sites or apps where you use that email address have had user account data compromised. If are told that your account(s) are at risk, you should go to that site and change your address immediately.Have I Been Pwned

Once you’ve entered your email address, they will also send you an email in the future if there is a hacking incident. The email I got this week was to inform me that my Myspace account (!) had been hacked. I don’t use Myspace for anything other than research so no big deal, but it got me thinking about passwords.

Many people may think that its not worth the hassle to have a strong, unique password for each site that you use, but for those who do, there are Password Manager programs that are happy to help.

The Department of Consumer affairs has been nice enough to compile what looks like the go to resource of password manager reviews, along with the following video:

The Consumer Affairs Password Manager Reviews site compares all of the major password manager programs based on password encryption, secure resource usage, self-containment, user friendliness, verifiable design and master password security.

That may be more information than you need but trust us; they’ve done the research for you. If you’re looking to up your password game, the help you need is right here.


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