Announcing the New ThirdParent

Things have been very busy here at ThirdParent, and today we are very pleased to announce our relaunch and rebranding.

ThirdParent-bannerThere are a number of things we are looking forward to talking about and showing the world, and a few very important things that have not changed one iota.

What hasn’t changed:

  • Gary, Kevin, Rob and the entire ThirdParent team have been here since day one, and we continue to toil away.
  • Our commitment to providing parents with unique resources that allow them to guide safe and responsible internet behavior by their teens and pre teens.
  • Our belief that the internet offers opportunities for children and teens everywhere to grow, learn, connect and explore.

thirdparent-parent-portalWhat has changed:

  • Our new Parent Portal launches this week. This totally new platform offers parents a secure, intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface to view their family’s data, as well as helpful links to resources and educational material.
  • A new website. You’re on it right now, and if you remember the old website, you might understand why we are proud of where we’ve come.
  • A new look. Our logos and branding are completely new.
  • A new marketing partnership. We’ve teamed with New Jersey marketing pros Oxford Communications to help refine our look and get the ThirdParent message out there.
  • A new Lead Developer. The most important hire that we’ve made is the addition of an extremely talented Lead Developer, who is now leading our programming, database and overall platform effort.

We want to hear from you. Whether you’re parent, an educator or a community leader, if you are looking for resources that help close the gap between what kids are doing online and what the older generation might not understand, please let us know.


Contact ThirdParent any time for help and resources for monitoring teen internet activity.

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