Apple’s iOS 7 Could Change the Game for Snapchat

For fans of Snapchat, especially fans who are fond of using the app for sexting, you should take note of a bombshell released by Gizmodo yesterday.

snapchat-hackThe next version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 7, which is now out in beta form, will include functionality that makes Snapchat pictures less secure. Currently, if the recipient of a snap takes a screen shot of the photo, the sender is notified.  With iOS 7, the notification will no longer work, making it much less of a hassle to share embarrassing pictures or post them to the internet .

While it is possible that Snapchat itself can develop a technology tweak to get around this change, there is no guarantee that will happen. The flaws in and hacks to the Snapchat platform have been making news for weeks. This one also seems pretty serious.

I can’t help wondering why Apple would make this change. The conspiracy theorist on me suspects that Apple might be working on their own Snapchat clone, and will reserve that notification function for its own app, but that’s just speculation.

Sending nude or compromising pictures via Snapchat on the belief that they are private has never been a great idea. For iPhone users, it looks like it is going to be less so.


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