Apple’s iOS7 May Have Saved the Day for Snapchat

snapchat-porn-spamIf you’ve been following the meteoric rise of photo sharing app Snapchat, you probably know that one of its key features is that photos self-destruct within 10 seconds of being viewed. The viewing time is set by the sender. One of the safeguards built into Snapchat is that if a picture recipient takes a screen shot of the picture within that one to ten second window, presumably to either share the picture with others or keep it indefinitely, the sender is notified.

We wrote last month that Apple’s new mobile operation system, iOS7, could change the game for Snapchat. The earliest releases of the operating system did not support the feature that notified Snapchat senders when a screen shot was taken. Given users’ propensity to share photos without permission, on the web and via social media networks, the lack of this feature could cause serious damage to Snapchat’s momentum.

According to and others, the recently released version iOS7 beta 4 does indeed have support for an application programming interface (API) which will enable the notifications.

Snapchat reportedly has not yet enabled the API, but undoubtedly they are working on it. The rise of Snapchat should continue.


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