Baltimore Students, Twitter and Cal Ripken

Warning: feel-good story alert.

Students at Baltimore’s Pocomoke High School had a plan – they wanted Baseball Hall of Famer Cal Ripken to speak at this year’s graduation. They took to Twitter using the hashtag #WeWantCal in an effort to make it happen. With social media, great things are possible.

As it turns out, even the Principal, Annette Wallace, joined in.

It turns out that Cal will not be able to make it to graduation, but he did show up at the school yesterday afternoon for a surprise assembly and was gracious enough to take questions and dozens of selfies with the

In case you didn’t know, Cal Ripken is one of baseball’s true greats and played his entire career with the Baltimore Orioles. The fact that a Baltimore school was able to land a visit with a local hero is a true coup, and the students made it happen. According to Ripken:

“So many people abuse social media,” Ripken said. “I was just so flattered and impressed by how well these kids were using it to unite together for a common goal.”

Feel free to share this story with your kids. It might not be funny or exciting to be “good” on social media, but the benefits can be enormous.

Let’s hope the students choose to tackle cyberbullying next.




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