Be Careful What You Post, Volume 294

Photo from Buzzfeed
Photo from Buzzfeed

This story, or a version of it, just keeps happening.

This month’s high profile Facebook error comes from John Walsh, Montana’s Lt. Governor, who is also a prominent candidate for the state’s upcoming Senate race. Walsh had the misfortune or bad judgment to “Like” the Facebook page “Breasts. Proof men can multitask2”. Liking that page meant that it shows up in his Facebook timeline, and his “Like” is viewable by people checking out his profile.

His people claim that it was spam and he clicked it by mistake, but in this day and age it doesn’t matter if that is true. It is plausible that a guy would be tempted by the pictures and click that link, so he is guilty until proven otherwise, and will never get the opportunity to prove otherwise.

In this case, Buzzfeed and other outlets reported on the story. Your teen is unlikely to be famous enough for a news outlet to make a big deal of something he or she does, but other people might take an interest. A college admissions officer, future employer or even the parents of a boyfriend or girlfriend could do a quick social media check and immediately have grounds to form a negative opinion. If something makes other people take a dim view of your character, judgment or sloppiness, that is not a position you want to be in.

Living in an era of too much information leads people to make snap judgments and move on. Make sure the snap judgment they make about you or your teen is a positive one.


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