Beverly, MA. Police Allow Suspect to Request Bail Via Facebook

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 9.41.36 AMStrange but true – a party featuring alcohol and underage drinking led to several arrests over the weekend in Beverly, Massachusetts. What happened next was anything but standard.

One of the partygoers, 19-year-old David White, was charged with disturbing the peace and taken to the Beverly jail. While in jail, White was stuck there as he was unable to reach anyone via telephone to post bail money for him.

The digital native then got resourceful. According to the Beverly Police Department’s Facebook page:

“One of this weekends arrestees was unable to reach anyone by phone for bail money after several unanswered calls. They requested in desperation to be allowed to post their need for bail money to their Facebook page. We are now officially in a new world.”

It’s a new world indeed. The suspect needed Facebook to request someone connected to him post bail so he could get out. The Beverly PD used Facebook to tell the world about it.

You can expect White’s picture to appear in a Facebook advertisement any day now.


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