Biden Instagram Selfie Is a Message to Parents

Did a politician just take social media to the next level?

If you’re a parent who is hoping this whole online thing is a fad that is going to go the way of bell-bottom pants and mood rings, you probably aren’t going to be thrilled to see what happened yesterday on Instagram if you haven’t already.

Vice President Joe Biden joined Instagram this week, and his first selfie is worth a thousand words.

biden-selfiYes, the Vice President of the United States of America posted a selfie. And yes, the President joined him.

Remember when there was a debate over whether the President could even use his own cell phone? Times have indeed changed. And social media isn’t just about Facebook any more, despite the fact that Facebook is the only social site that many adults use. According to a recent study, more teens list Instagram as their go-to social media site than Facebook.

The Vice President has time to be posting photos on Instagram. It’s probably time that parents of teens make the time to get a little more involved too.


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