Big Price Reduction for ThirdParent Services

We’ve been working at this digital parenting thing for a couple of years now, and have a big announcement to make.

We’re lowering the price of ThirdParent services by up to 75% effective immediately. This is not a sale – it’s a permanent change. Effective today, pricing for ThirdParent’s Social Score audit and monitoring services are as follows:


Basic – One-time audit (Social Score) – $49.95

Preferred – Social Score plus ongoing monitoring with daily alerts – $49.95 + $9.95/month

Signature – Social Score plus ongoing monitoring with daily alerts and a full re-audit every 6 months – $49.95 + $14.95/month

Over the past nine months, we’ve rebuilt our process and our technology from the ground up with the goals of leveraging all that we’ve learned over the last 2+ years and optimizing our technology platform to deliver the most user friendly results. As a result we are now prepared to deliver the best possible value to our subscribers. That’s up to a 75% discount vs. prior pricing.

Click the image below for a live demo of our Social Score platform.


If you’re not familiar with ThirdParent, the premise is pretty straightforward: We believe that most parents trust their kids (including what they are doing online), but are at a loss for appropriate tools that help ensure that internet activity is both safe and responsible. Trust but verify.

We don’t ask for user names or passwords and there is no software to download. Content that was meant to be private stays that way. All results are confidential. Parent/child trust is maintained.

Digital parenting can be a challenge when the online tools, apps and platforms that your kids and teens are using are different from what you’re used to. We are pleased to offer the latest, and best, version of our platform to parents at more affordable prices. Let’s do digital parenting better.




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