Big ThirdParent Announcement Coming Next Week

We Have a Big Announcement Coming

You may have already seen the new ThirdParent video that we produced recently. If you haven’t you can watch it below.

We are using the video not only on our website and social media as a fun (i.e. not boring) way to explain what ThirdParent does, but also as part of a new project we have coming up very soon – a Kickstarter campaign, launching next week! We will be circulating more information soon, but we are excited about teaming up with all of our users and friends to achieve one of ThirdParent’s original goals.

Stay tuned for more news to come.

Behind the Scenes of the ThirdParent Video Shoot

The video is the handiwork of the talented folks at LNC Productions, a video agency in New York (more about LNC below).Behind the scenes photos from the video shoot..





About LNC Producitons
Besides being professionals of the most talented kind, the crew at LNC have some big name clients such as Make a Wish Foundation and some well-known politicians in Washington. We were very lucky they could fit us in the their schedule and even let us have a hand in production. Our marketing partner thinks she is an assistant director now.


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