Bootleg Alcoholic Drink “Phrostee” Was Being Sold Via Instagram

instagram-sq-logoOver the last couple of days, a news story has broken that should give parents another reason to be wary of teens using image-sharing social media site Instagram, and some others – easy access to illegal or dangerous products.

In case you missed it, New York is buzzing over a new bootleg alcoholic slushy drink called a Phrostee, or Phrostie, that is totally illegal and unregulated, and was being sold exclusively via Instagram and hand delivered in person. A search on Instagram shows over 1,500 posts with some variation of #phrostie. According to a story about Phrostees at CBS New York:

“With names like ‘Volcanic Paradise, and ‘Hereo’ the drinks might sound refreshing, but they are unregulated and reportedly under investigation by New York State’s Liquor Authority…

“The SLA is looking into the illegal sale of this unregistered and potentially dangerous alcoholic drink by an unlicensed business,” a liquor authority spokesman said.”

phrostiesAccording to the report, the drinks are made with fruit punch, energy drink and powerful alcohol. Because of the sweet fruity taste, there is a concern that the drink appeals to teens or even younger kids.

The internet has enabled illicit sales of a number of illegal or dangerous items, including guns and drugs. Until last night, you could add Phrostees to the list. According to CBS, the Instagram account was mysteriously taken down last night, but as you can see at right, either a copycat or a replacement exists as of this morning.

Parents, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of what your teens are doing online. Not only can your teen illegally buy alcohol this way, but a stranger will show up at your door to deliver. The Phrostee may be gone for now, but it won’t be the last product of its kind.


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