Can a Parent Delete a Minor’s Twitter Account?

twitter-logo-2As a parent, you might have seen first hand the effect of cyberbullying and online harassment on one of your kids. On Twitter, for example, if you actually want to delete your teen’s account, you can’t unless you know the user name and password.

If you do have the login credentials, you can log into the account (on a computer, this does not work on a mobile device), click on the Gear icon, click on “Settings” and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on deactivate your account.

Twitter retains the account for 30 days before permanently deleting it, so if you don’t want your child reactivating the account, you should change the password prior to deactivating.

In an extreme case, such as a teen who is being relentlessly targeted by bullies, you can reach out to Twitter for help.

The phone number for Twitter support is 415-222-9670 but that may not get you the quickest resolution.

If the issue may result in potential self harm, there is an apparent solution. From any Twitter account:

  1. Go to the minor’s Twitter account and click on the body of one of her tweets
  2. From the options available (“reply”, “retweet”, “favorite”, “more”) click “more”
  3. Click “abusive”
  4. On the next screen click “self harm” and fill out the form.


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