Despicable Reddit Category R/FacebookCleavage Is Gone (For Now)

We wrote last week about a Reddit category, or subreddit, dubbed R/FacebookCleavage, where users were encouraged to scrape pictures from their friends’ Facebook accounts and post them to Reddit, without their permission.

The pictures were almost without exception young, scantily clad, Facebook users, and in some cases were users under 18 years of age. After numerous publications (including this site) wrote about the really inappropriate subreddit, the moderators voluntarily put a prohibition in place forbidding pictures of underage girls.

The do-gooder vigilantes of Reddit, denizens of the subreddit R/Sh*tRedditSays have taken it one step further. As of today, the subreddit has been totally sabotaged, and all pictures of young girls have been replaced by nonsensical images.

Post announcing takedown of R/FacebookCleavage

We’re not sure how they accomplished this (they “took over” from the previous moderators), or how long it will last, but it is a great result and sends a good message. The good guys still exist, and can have an impact. No doubt other similar forums exist online, and some variations will be reborn on Reddit, but for now a group has taken it into their own hands to protect people from having their pictures unwittingly reposted.

Edit: As of 3/19.2014, the subreddit is back to normal. That didn’t last long.


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