Efemr – a New Twitter App That Could Be a Problem for Schools

Last month a month a new Twitter app launched that could have serious implications for high schools’ enforcement of bullying regulations if it takes off. When it comes to high schools, the ratio of negative social media news to positive has been off the charts.

efemrSimilar to Snapchat, efemr is designed to make properly tagged tweets disappear after a user-defined time period, in minutes or hours. According to efemr’s site:

efemr is a free BETA web app to post time-limited messages on Twitter!

With efemr you can now control your reputation better, protect your privacy and sharing humorous fleeting moments with the automatic deletion of public tweets.

Just add a Minute/Hour Hashtag e.g. #5m for 5mn, or #1h for 1 hour, etc… depending on how long you want your tweet to stay visible to the public.

There are some obvious shortcomings to the app; if a tweet is retweeted or someone takes a screen shot, the erasure of the original tweet will not have the desired impact. In addition, there are reports of tweets tagged with efemr not being deleted in the correct time window even when tagged correctly.

This type of communication could be a real problem for high schools, who are already struggling with cyberbullying, and since Twitter is a one-to-many platform as opposed to Snapchat which is generally a one-to-one platform, effects could be more wide reaching. If students begin using efemr to bully, the offended party may struggle to produce proof that the bullying is going on.

Let’s hope it doesn’t take off in its current form.


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