Employers Are Checking Social Media – Ask Paul Kedrosky


If you are one of the young adults out there who don’t believe that employers will go to the time and effort of Googling you and checking you out on social media before they hire you, or even interview you, you should think again.

If you’re interested in technology, Paul Kedrosky is someone who you’d be crazy not to want to work for. According to his profile on his blog, Infectious Greed:

“Dr. Kedrosky is an investor, speaker, writer, media guy, and entrepreneur. In his spare time he is a dangerous Twitterer, contributing editor for Bloomberg, and the editor of Infectious Greed…

He is an active investor in public and private equities, [and has] more than fifty early-stage investments to his credit”

Yesterday on Twitter, Kedrosky tweeted the following:

“Just deleted a job applicant after a quick social media search. People, that stuff is out there, and it tells a story.”

If you don’t find that tweet noteworthy, you should consider the fact that it was retweeted 113 times and favorited 30 times. It raised eyebrows.

What was the grave indiscretion memorialized on social media that excluded this applicant from the available position? Nothing much, apparently.

His follow up tweet:

“In answer to a few questions, & without being over-specific, the candidate was wildly unprofessional in their social media posts”

That’s it. Wildly unprofessional – that could mean almost anything, and just because you don’t think something looks unprofessional, someone else might. We’ve written before about using social media to build your personal brand. That is step 2. Step 1 is not letting your social media activities damage your personal brand.


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