Facebook Announces Project:Connect

Following closely on the heels of Facebook’s efforts with 19 state AGs to promote internet safety among its younger users, yesterday Facebook announced Project:Connect, a partnership with the MacArthur Foundation, Mozilla and the Family Online Safety Institute.

Facebook-like-thumb-upThe partnership’s goal is to develop and promote tools that will encourage a healthy experience, including internet user tools for social good, better control of personal information and improved internet literacy . According to Facebook:

Under the banner Project:Connect, the four partners will launch an all-day “hackathon” in New York City on Thursday, May 9. The event will bring together programmers, designers, and educators to develop prototypes for social tools, including apps, badges, and curriculum in pursuit of a better Web.

The Family Online Safety Institute will promote the hackathon’s winning projects on its website, A Platform For Good.

The May 9th event is reported to be the first in a series. Nice job by Facebook, whose privacy policies have been widely criticized, trying to get ahead of the curve and help parents and teens with responsible internet usage. As of now, there’s no word that other social networks are moving in a similar direction, but I’m sure such an announcement would be met with praise by parents and educators.


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