Facebook Introduces Lifestage Just For Teens

Facebook’s history of introducing successful standalone apps is not a good one, and in the case of its new Lifestage app, we hope that streak continues.

Lifestage is aimed squarely and solely at the high school crowd, and is yet another attempt to put a dent in Snapchat’s momentum. Lifestage is available only on iOS for now, and is a video resume for your friends and social life. Users create a profile, tell the app which high school they attend then create, according to a review at Mashable “videos to show off what they like and dislike and who their friends, pets, boyfriends and girlfriends are.”

If your teen is thinking about downloading Lifestage, for now this is all you need to know:


In case you can’t read that, the text is as follows:

“Everything you post in Lifestage is always public and viewable by everyone, inside and outside your school.

There is no way to limit the audience of your videos.

We can’t confirm that people who clam to go to a certain school actually go to that school.

All videos you upload to your profile and record are fully public content.”

If you’re at all worried about your teen having the option to keep some content private, this isn’t the app for her. If you’re worried about some creeper infiltrating the crowd at your local high school, ditto.

As for the risk of creepers, however, we tried to sign up but that part of the app worked as intended. When you sign up, you enter your age and phone number and if Lifestage believes you’re a high school student, they send you a confirmation text. In my case, Facebook knows my phone number (possibly via Instagram – I’ve avoided giving it to Facebook), so they denied my sign up, even though I lied about my age. I’ll try it this week with one of my teen’s phones and update this at that time.

The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are not specific to Lifestage – they use Facebook’s – and as you probably know Facebook gives itself license to do just about anything with your data and content.

We’ll be watching this closely, but we’d advise teens to avoid this app for now.


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