Gary Zell of ThirdParent Talks Online Reputation Management on CBS 2 New York

Thanks to CBS 2 New York and reporter Christine Sloan for having Gary Zell on Friday night for a segment titled “Delete That Data”, to talk about online reputation management and what you can do when there is unfavorable information about you (or one of your kids) on the internet.

Full interview here.

Online reputation management is here to stay. In some cases, negative online content can disproportionately impact teens and young adults, who don’t have a work history or real world work job accomplishments to help others form an opinion. It can come down to what someone sees the first time they Google you.

One thing that wasn’t discussed in the interview is unfortunately something that teens often fail to consider – that “bad” content about you online could have been posted by someone else. It could be a photo, a comment attributed to you or a repost of something that you thought you were sharing in private.

It’s an uphill battle to care for your online reputation as more and more time is spent connected to the internet. Good decision making combined with diligence can put you in the best possible position to control your reputation.

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