Google is Ruining My Kid’s Life – How to Fix An Online Reputation

What do you do, as a parent, when very bad news about your son or daughter is on the first page of Google search results?

Parenting is hard enough without a big-time curve ball being thrown at you. Unfortunately, curve balls are sometimes part of the game.

Google search resultsLet’s say your son had the misfortune of getting a DUI. Or was falsely accused of committing a different crime. Or really did commit a crime.

Of course, the first thing you need to do is deal with the legal or other repercussions, whatever they are. Once the issue has been resolved, it’s time to think about the future, and the future is probably going to involve someone important Googling your son, whether it is a college admissions officer, future employer or other person of influence.

The fact that your teen did something wrong, or was accused of doing something wrong, may unfortunately live forever on the internet. How prominently it is displayed by search engines is a matter over which you can have some level of control.

If the accused wrongdoing was a false alarm, or charges were never brought, you can attempt to have the news outlets that printed the story remove them. This will take time, and most likely require the services of an attorney.

For the headlines and links that remain, the primary goal is to get the negative headlines (and search results) off the first page of Google. Almost 90% of search engine users never make it past the first page.

Barring having the bad content completely removed, you’re left with one option – creating new content that ranks more highly than the news that you need to replace in the search results. That’s where ThirdParent comes in. Our highly customized reputation management program staff will work closely with your family to create and update content that ranks well in search engines and stays there.

Why choose ThirdParent? The founders of ThirdParent are all parents of teens ourselves, and understand the importance of giving our children the best possible opportunities to succeed. We have years of experience managing the content creation process and search engine optimization, and produce results that will cast your teen in the best possible light.

We treat each client differently, depending on the details of the case and the search implications of the name of the person and story in question. If you’d like a discreet evaluation of your case, please email us with the details and we’ll be happy to discuss your family’s situation.


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