How Long Does It Take To Check Out Your Child’s Online Activity?

Sure, you can check out your child’s online activity, but do you have time?

rz-tf2-2It is a pretty frequent occurrence that parents we talk to are overwhelmed by the idea of what their kids are doing online. Almost every electronic device has an internet connection, and who they’re talking to and what they’re posting and reading can range far and wide. If you’ve ever looked over your kid’s shoulder while she was online and had no idea what site or social media network you were looking at, you may know the feeling.

Less frequently, we encounter parents who are extremely computer-savvy, or view themselves as such, and are convinced that checking out what their kids are doing online is something that they can do themselves.

We aren’t about to argue whether any parent has the skills necessary to ensure that children are using the internet safely and responsibly, but we do question whether a parent would want to spend the time doing so if a viable, confidential alternative were available.

In addition to the time it takes to do a thorough search online using a popular search engine, a parent who wants to stay on top of what their child is doing will have to stay abreast of every new and popular social network. Remember, Google and Bing do not necessarily index all social media content, and if even if they do for a given network, your child may be using an alias or otherwise obscure what they’re up to.

It makes sense to pay a professional to paint your house, cut your grass or plow your driveway. There is no reason that you should be leery of hiring a professional to do something that can have a more significant and longer lasting impact.


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