How Teens Really Use Social Media

First of all, a big hat tip to Teen Safe, who put together the infographic below by assembling data from what looks like no fewer than 14 sources.

It serves as a powerful snapshot of how teens are actually using their cell phones and social media and apps.

We do have a slight problem with the title of the info graphic, though. “The Social Life of the App-Addcited Teen” is catchy, although we think that the word addicted may be a little strong. That is not unlike like saying that teenage girls 20 years ago tended to be addicted to chatting. Apps and social media are just how young people communicate these days, for better or worse.

The challenge for parents, in our view, is that they tend to not fully grasp how much online communication is going on, or the fact that it happens primarily via smartphone. As a parent, if you don’t know what is going on, it is nearly impossible to guide safe and responsible behavior.

If you’re looking for a quick and confidential view of what your teen is doing online, ThirdParent can help. We are parents ourselves, and we understand the challenge.


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