How To Be a Teen Social Media Star

There are good reasons and bad reasons for trying to elevate your social media status. Good reasons include (1) wanting to present the best possible image to college admissions officers and future employers, and (2) if you have a side business or special talent and you want to get more exposure in order to make it a career, or at least move in that direction.

A not so good reason is if you want to be internet famous for the sake of fame, especially if you are taking risks in order to garner exposure – risks such as putting too much personal information out there, accepting friend requests from strangers or tolerating cyberbullying because that’s part of the game. We don’t recommend any of that.

If you are looking to up your social media game for legitimate reasons, there are some things that you absolutely should do, and some you should avoid. High quality, appropriately sized images are a must. Catchy headlines on your posts will attract more attention. It’s important to know the best days to post your content, and the optimal times.

Our friends at On Blast Blog put together an infographic titled Everything You Need to Be a Social Media Rock Star. Check it out below:

Social Media Cheat Sheet
Credit: On Blast Blog

Click the link above to see tons of interesting and valuable facts about the most popular social networks.



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