5 Replies to “How to Contact Instagram – It’s Difficult, Even for Parents of Minors”

    1. Has anyone managed to get hold of Instagram?? I am also trying to delete my daughters account that she created with an invalid e-mail account. I think it is shocking that Instagram does not verify e-mail addresses with a verifying e-mail send to that address to activate the account. I also think the age of 13 is way to young to allow kids to join social media groups.
      Please help if anybody can. I tried the above e-mail address for instagram but the mailbox is full.

      1. Hi, I am in the same page as you. My daughter created an account using a random email address and I need to contact instagram to delete it. Did you ever resolve this issue? Pls let me know. Thanks.

  1. My IG account was hacked in July. The person has my photos & on the main page is soliciting sex. IG has said they did s reset & all should be ok. But nothing has changed.

    I complied with proving my identity twice w/selfie holding the code they gave me and my user name. Still do not have photos back.

    It is so frustrating. Their customer service is deplorable. Might as well not say they have support.

    Fed up.

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