How To Delete Vine Posts and Re-vines

Vine, the short video sharing app that is owned by Twitter, last year vine-v-logopassed 200 million monthly users. A high percentage of Vine users are also Twitter users, but whether your teen uses Twitter or not, she has probably watched a Vine video (called a “loop” on Vine) from time to time.

If your teen actually posts her own video loops to Vine, it’s a good idea to ask her to take a look through her feed and see if there is content there that a college admissions officer or future employer views that might frown upon. As we all know, what seems funny today might not look like a joke to someone who lacks the context behind the original post, or is looking to make a quick character judgment.

If there are Vine posts that you’d like to get rid of, it’s actually quite easy to do. On your phone, find the video you want to delete. Click the more button “…” at the bottom.

Then click “Delete this post”.


The above only applies to your original videos that you’ve posted. Note: If someone else re-vined one of your original posts, that loop could be online forever, even after you’ve deleted the original. Think before you post.

A popular activity on Vine is to re-vine others’ videos, so they are shared to your timeline. If you re-vine someone else’s video, and that loop contains profanity, content that is sexist or racist, or just about anything else distasteful, you risk being judged very harshly.

To delete something that you’ve re-vined, locate the video in your timeline. Click on the re-vine button (see below).


Click “undo”.


As you see, it’s very easy to clean up your Vine feed from your phone. If you prefer to do it on your desktop or laptop, the steps are very similar, but you can do it with fewer clicks.

As Vine grows larger, it’s a good idea to assume that your posts there might be scrutinized, as they might be on Facebook or Twitter. Keeping it clean is always a good idea.



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