How U. of Michigan Stays on Top of Social Media

It’s no surprise that major colleges and universities are catching up to the social media tsunami that has overtaken our society, particularly with younger users. Students – your customers – are on social media so you should be too. You may be surprised to hear how much they are doing, despite what may be seen as overreach but some privacy conscious observers.

It’s obviously in the best interest of colleges to keep interest in their school high and attract the most impressive candidates. Marketing and customer service functions can often be well handled using school social media accounts.

U Michigan TwitterLet’s take a look at what is happening at a large, prestigious school, the University of Michigan, with help from an excellent article in yesterday’s Detroit Free Press. In terms of their social media staffing:

“There are three full-time social media employees, along with five interns. Each intern is assigned a different platform to monitor and create content for. Each individual college or school has their own person in charge of social media, said Nikki Sunstrum, the director of social media.”

That’s a lot of people – 8 for the school as a whole and each at least one social media staff member for each college – Engineering, Nursing etc.

To be clear, they aren’t only using social media for customer service and marketing. If there is a threat to the school or someone doing something illegal, the staffers will report the incident to school higher ups or the police:

“The interns often see stuff on their assigned channels — especially late at night — and send screenshots to Sunstrum.”

Michigan is a big school with big resources – 43,000 students enrolled at last count. Even if you work at a smaller school, you are probably devoting some effort to promoting your school via social media, but are you also monitoring public social media activity for public threats? If you think you don’t have the budget or resources to implement a safety program around social media, we can help. Ask us about a program for your school today.



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