Howell NJ High School Grads Pass the Feel Good Twitter Torch

We wrote back in April about two mysterious students at NJ’s Howell High School who started the Twitter account @HateOutOfHowell to combat bullying and spread a positive message about fellow students, teachers and their school community. News is out this week that the students have graduated, but the twitter account will live on.

The students who started @HateOutOfHowell, now-graduates Britney Borejko and Roxanne McLaren, were until last week anonymous but have chosen to reveal themselves to the press. And they have recruited three juniors, who will be seniors in the fall, to operate the account.

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The account is nearing 1,000 followers, which is no mean feat since the school has a total of 2,250 students.

As Borejko and McLaren move on to college, they have nothing but good things to say about their Twitter experience:

“Everyone was really nice about it, people were saying how good people we are,” said Borejko. “There’s a lot of good things to say about people, and everyone seemed to be really appreciative of it,” said McClaren.

Props to the girls for some great work. The trend of kids using social media for good really seems to be catching on.

Britney and Roxanne, I’d love to talk to the heirs apparent if they’re willing. I’ll protect their anonymity. Please let me know.


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