Iggy Azalea, Papa John’s, Privacy and Twitter

We suspect that whoever runs the Twitter account at pizza chain Papa John’s is in a long meeting today.


iggy-azalea-papa-johns-twitter-2Over the weekend, rapper Iggy Azalea very publicly tweeted to her 4.2 million followers a complaint – that she was no longer inclined to order from Papa John’s because their delivery drivers had, on at least one occasion, given out her personal number to family members. This is a serious accusation and while we have no way to verify that it is true, it’s hard to believe that she would lie about something like this. Certainly Papa John’s could not afford to ignore it, or assume that it wasn’t true.

Three hours later, (3 hours!) Papa John’s tweeted back, somewhat jokingly, that the employee should have known better etc. No apology.

Ms. Azalea’s response was perfect:

“I don’t think data breach is funny. I expect you to contact me to explain how you are going to rectify your breach.”

That was followed by:



Anything that is said on social media by famous artists will be seen by a lot of people. Major brands need to understand that protecting their image online is a 24×7 undertaking, and a flippant reply can be as costly as an initial gaffe.

Teens – anybody for that matter – posting publicly on social media are subject to the same risks. Whatever you put out there can come back to haunt you.



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