Indiana High School Fight Goes Viral on Social Media, But Is It Bullying?

I don’t mean the fight; I mean the sharing of the video.

The following media coverage has a confusing message when it comes to the fight at New Albany High School in Indiana that went viral on social media. A student standing nearby filmed the fight (not surprising), and it quickly spread on social media (also not surprising).

WDRB 41 Louisville News


The two students who were fighting were reportedly both suspended for one week. The mother of one claims that she had been bullied for a while, but as is typically the case with these things, both were punished.

What is much less cut and dried is the opinion of the “expert” in the video who claims that the act of posting or sharing the video online is a form of bullying.

What do other kids think about the video? No big deal.

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As adults, we tend to think of our real life as being separate from our online life. With teens the distinction can be nonexistent. Their phones are always in their hand. See something interesting – take a picture. See something really interesting – take a video. Think other people will be interested? Send it to friends or share it on social media.

If the teens mentioned above shared the video on social media simply because it was the most interesting thing that happened at school that day, I don’t think that should be considered bullying. If a student shared the video specifically as a personal attack on one of the fight participants, then it probably is cyberbullying.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that sharing content that could embarrass someone or hurt his or her feelings is a nice thing, or the right thing to do, but since cyberbullying is taken very seriously, it’s important to take care defining it. Sometimes kids are just being kids.


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