Infographic: Avoid These Profile Picture Mistakes

Have you resigned yourself to the fact that someone who is going to make a decision about your future will check out your social media profiles? You should. If you’re a teen, you definitely should.

Linkedin LogoSome college admissions officers already are. Those who are handing out scholarships, especially the athletic ones, definitely are. Your future (you hope) employers will too. Ask anybody in a white-collar job if they’d take a meeting with someone without Googling them first.

If you’re active online, you need to focus on not posting anything that makes you look bad to those who are looking to get an impression of who you really are. If you want to get the gold star, you also need to make sure that at least some of what you post online aligns with your education and employment goals.

A good place to start is with your LinkedIn (yes, teens should have a LinkedIn account) and Facebook accounts. Both are indexed by Google making them easy to find, and both require you to use your real name – unless you’re trying to beat the system. Don’t do that.

Where to start? You should start with your profile picture. Here are some things to avoid:

profile photo mistakes

Source: Sales for Life @Sioffy


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