Infographic: Teen Sexting Stats

Teen sexting is a difficult topic. In a perfect world, you start talking to your kids early – before they ever have a connected device – and warn of the risks associated with sexting. And the risks are numerous:

  • Risk that racy photos will be made public
  • Risk that the relationship will end, or never materialize, without knowing what will happen to the pics
  • Risk that real emotional damage will be done after the fact
  • Risk of criminal prosecution

Thankfully, it appears that police and prosecutors have been less likely of late to press charges against teens in cases of consensual sexting. The child pornography laws have not caught up with reality yet. Still, that doesn’t mean teen sexting is a good idea though.

Unfortunately some teens, especially some who are in committed monogamous relationships, are going to sext no matter what the parents do. That doesn’t mean parents shouldn’t be talking about it – just the opposite. These days, many teens view sexting as “normal”, even though the idea of it makes parents cringe.

Start talking today. Check out the infographic below from Intella Blog and Vound Software as a template for how you can approach the topic with your kids. Remember that this isn’t a one-time conversation. Keep it going as your kids age and circumstances change.

Permanent Picture: Teen Sexting (And What Parents Should Do About It) (via Intella Blog)

Permanent Picture: Teen Sexting (And What Parents Should Do About It)



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