Instagram Account Settings Explained

I saw the other day that someone posted a simple question on Twitter. The question was “How do I delete my Instagram search history”. It caught my attention because it really is a simple question, as is the answer. You’d think that someone who is active on Twitter (this poster is) would know his way around social media app settings, but I guess that’s not always the case.

For parents, especially those whose social networking is limited to Facebook and LinkedIn, it might not seem so simple at all. If you’re a parent who wants to make sure your teen’s Instagram settings are age-appropriate, and that she understands how her account is set up, it’s fairly easy.

First off, while there is computer access for an Instagram account, many of the settings and options are not available there. You’re going to need to do this on a phone – any phone that is logged in to the account in question. Open the app and from any screen click on the person icon in the bottom right to be taken to the screen below:


<- Click in this gear icon to be taken to the settings.




























<- Users can click “Report a Problem” if there have been incidents of cyberbullying or inappropriate posts.
















<- The “Share Setting” allow you to simultaneously post to there networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.








<- Voila. You can clear your search history here.





As you can see, it’s all fairly simple. You can read the Privacy Policy, manage your settings and overall Instagram experience and even delete your search history with a couple of taps of your finger.


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