Internet Safety Experts Available For School Seminars

A message for school administrators, teachers, parents and PTA/PTO members:

teen-internet-privacyInternet safety, and responsible internet use are becoming more important issues for our children and in our schools. The impact of improper internet and social media use impacts not only our children, but also parents and teachers as well. From bullying and cyberbullying to child predators to college admission issues, the fallout from improper internet use among our youth can take a serious toll. Education at a young age and on an ongoing basis can form the best foundation to allow young people to enjoy the advantages of our connected world without falling prey to potential pitfalls.

If you are interested in doing a free internet safety and responsibility seminar at your school, ThirdParent would be happy to help.

ThirdParent is a New Jersey based firm focused on delivering internet safety programs and resources to parents and educators. Our internet seminars cover internet and social media safety, privacy and responsibility, and can be tailored to any audience – students of any age, school staff or parents.


Contact ThirdParent any time for help and resources for monitoring teen internet activity.

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