Introduction to Safety Net of PA

If you’re located in the Mid-Atlantic and your school, club, team or organization catering to youths is looking to get smarter about digital education and safety I have some good news for you – there’s a new resource available in the area. It’s called Safety Net of PA.

Safety New of PAI had the pleasure of having dinner last night with the founder, Joe Yeager, and was pleased to find that we share a lot of the same philosophies when it comes to digital parenting. We both believe in a hands-on approach, while at the same time respecting the privacy of our, and all kids. We understand that when it comes to our teens, implementing an outright ban on the latest technologies is likely to backfire. We don’t think there’s a one-size-fits-all solution to all potential digital risks and problems.

I first met Joe online, on Facebook. We are both members of the group Social Networking Safety, which you should definitely check out if you’re the parent of kids who are active online, or about to be.

Joe’s decision to start Safety Net was driven by his passion to keep kids safe, and his desire to help all kids use the available tech resources in the most constructive way possible.

Joe is available to lead seminars, for kids or parents, and his most popular talks span a number of topics including:

  • Digital Parenting
  • Building Influence Online
  • Social Grand Parenting
  • Managing Your Digital Footprint
  • Standing Up To Cyberbullying
  • Chatting and Texting

If you’re planning an event in the area, I strongly recommend that you consider Joe and Safety Net. For more great free resources, you can visit his website or Safety Net on Facebook.


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