Intuit Small Business Big Game Contest

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 11.24.11 AMIntuit Small Business Big Game Contest, and in the process had to dig deep to tell our story in a very brief comment (600 characters, which isn’t a lot). The winner of the contest will win a professionally produced television commercial in this year’s Superbowl – a very big deal indeed.


Our initial submission:

ThirdParent offers a unique service for parents – an audit of the public-facing internet and social media footprint and activity of teens and tweens.

For younger kids, we limit the risk of an unwanted meeting with a stranger and ensure that content kids are viewing is age-appropriate. For teens, we minimize the risk that inappropriate online activity jeopardizes future opportunities.

Our professionals examine your child’s internet profile and history and monitor ongoing activity so that you don’t have to worry about any number of risks, dangers and negative consequences. We are parents too.

We made it through to Round Two (Yea Team!). The teams making to Round Two are going to be judged and 20 will be selected to go through to the semi finals.

Round Tow required submissions included a video and short answers to four questions.

The questions and our answers are as follows:

Why do they love your business?

Customers love our business because we provide a unique service that is highly valued by parents. The problem that we solve is that most parents don’t have the time or resources to stay up to speed with what their kids are doing on the internet. We give parents a clear roadmap of what is going on, and what steps need to be taken to ensure safe and responsible internet use.


What’s been your proudest moment?

Out proudest moment was when we refined our process to strike what we believe is the perfect balance between protecting the privacy of minors while at the same time giving the parents enough information to guide safe and responsible internet use. Since we care very much about privacy, finding that balance was very important to us.


What’s your best advice?

Our best advice to parents is to give your teens and pre teens enough freedom to grow and develop while taking advantage of all that the internet has to offer, while at the same time being on the lookout for actions or behaviors that are unsafe or irresponsible. Trust but verify. Our best advice to teens is that the internet can be permanent, so you need to guard your reputation online very carefully.


What makes your business special?

What makes our business unique is that most internet safety solutions involve either blocking minors from accessing content or platforms, or filtering what information they can access. We believe that if parents teach kids of any age to safely and responsibly navigate the online world, a much richer experience can be enjoyed.

If you want to vote for us, or check out some of the other entrants, you can follow this link to the Intuit Small Business Big Game Contest. Thanks for stopping by!


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