Is the New Reveal App Safe for Teens?

reveal-app-logo-sqReveal app wants to pay its users. That’s right, like budding social network Tsu (which never really got going as far as we can tell), new app and community wants to be the social network that allows users to directly share in its success.

Reveal bills itself as “the first social network with its own integrated cryptocurrency”, and it will use that currency to pass payments from future advertisers directly to users (there are no ads for now). Reveal also claims that they will give users control over what kinds of ads, and how many, they see in their feed.As with most social platforms, the age limit is 13, although curiously I was not asked my age when signing up. Reveal operates on a reveal-app-sign-inquestion and answer framework, and as we’ve seen with, which is similarly structured, the Q&A format and optional anonymity have resulted in widespread cyberbullying and bad behavior. That’s something Reveal will have to look out for.

In terms content they allow, Reveal is pretty mild. The Terms of Service prohibits threats of any kind, pornography and sexually explicit material and anything that is illegal. No word on how they plan to moderate content, though there is a “Report This Post” option readily available. Reveal’s straightforward Community Rules page is quite good.

Although it appears that they intend to respect user privacy, they do reserve the right to sell your personal data if they sell the company.

We aren’t sure whether Reveal is going to be successful – we are not huge fans of the Q&A format but we’re probably not in their target market. We spent some time playing around with it this morning and we didn’t see any signs of cyberbullying or inappropriate content, which is a good thing. We’ll continue to watch and see if Reveal gets to critical mass, and what types of problems for teens (or good experiences) that pop up along the way.



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