Kansas High School Students Petition to Have Suspended Student Reinstated

In an uplifting turn of events, students at a Kansas high school have started a petition to have a suspended senior reinstated after a tweet about the school’s sports teams incited a series of heated reactions on Twitter and in the school.

thirdparent twitterLast week, it was revealed that student Wesley Teague somewhat mockingly called called out the practice of calling sports teams of Heights High School in Wichita, Kansas “Heights U.”. In the tweet, he compared the teams to Wichita State’s football team, which does not exist. Teague was also the class president but has has been stripped of those responsibilities, adding insult to injury.

School officials say that the Twitter comment violates the school’s anti-bullying rules, and as such levied the suspension. Teague will be kept out of school for the remainder of the school year. According to local TV station KSN-TV:

“The comments got several underclassmen upset, and they wanted to fight him,” USD 259 spokeswoman Susan Arensman told the station. “Some other students were suspended as well for trying to incite a disturbance at school.”

The petition is definitely a step in the right direction. The punishment, which amounts to a several weeks long suspension and loss of the class president title is way over the line for an act that was much closer teasing than bullying. It’s nice to see students raying around him. Hopefully he’ll be back in school soon.


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