Meet Imzy – A New, Kinder Competitor to Reddit

snooReddit, the social network that is actually a collection of thousands of forums (called subreddits) based on the varied interests of users, is absolutely huge. Reddit attracts 230 million unique users monthly, and those users have created over 800,000 subreddits. If you’re the type of person who likes to hunt down information, and comment on that info, whatever your interests are you will find something to like on Reddit.

The problem with Reddit, if there is one, is that there are very few rules about permissible content and conduct. Most adult content is permitted, and the site does little (but more than they used to) to combat cyberbullying and harassment. As we said last year, the last time the site made changes to its content guidelines:

“If your teen is into a very specific thing, like the video game Minecraft (446,000 subscribers) or photography (250,000 subs), chances are that there is a lot of great content for him on Reddit. If he idly browses Reddit to see what else is there, he is likely to encounter nudity and gore. If he chooses to comment more than a handful of times, chances are good that he might be cyberbullied.”

Would some, or a lot, of Reddit’s 230 million users opt for another similarly structured network if a kinder, more wholesome one were available? Two former Reddit employees aim to find out.

Dan McComas and Jessica Moreno have launched Imzy, a network that works like Reddit but aims to keep bad behavior to a minimum. This will be accomplished in part by how the site is structured – there will be no home page that attracts general interest users. Rather, users can only post in communities to which they’re subscribed.

If the moderators, who are mostly volunteers for now, are to keep the peace on Imzy, they’ll need to police the Imzy’s rules. In short, lots of things are prohibited:

  • Don’t post content that is pornographic, glorifies self-harm, promotes terrorism, or displays gore or torture relating to people or animals
  • Don’t harass, spam, impersonate, or deceive others
  • Don’t share any content that you do not have the necessary rights to. Respect the intellectual property rights of others
  • Don’t use the services to do anything illegal

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of your teen browsing Reddit then check out Imzy, or suggest that your teen do so. If they can attract enough users, it might be a great alternative to Reddit.



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