Memoriis – A Helpful Tool for Modern Parents

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 9.15.48 AMYour filing cabinets and photo albums are out of touch. Now what?

Much of the infrastructure that we as parents (we’re in our mid 40s) have used in the building and saving of our children’s and family history is now obsolete. The memories and documents aren’t, but the methods used to store them are. That’s 22 years of clutter for us. Consider just the photos and video we’ve amassed; they’re scattered across hard drives, Flickr, Facebook and physical photo albums.

I was very interested to hear that two former colleagues, Craig and Robert Kaufman of New York, have founded Memoriis, a new vehicle for archiving, organizing and sharing the things that are either important now or will be for years or generations to come.

According the Memoriis’ website:

We are two brothers on a mission… to help you easily collect, organize, store, find and beautifully view your important documents, photos, and videos in one safe and secure place. Memoriis is designed to help you do just that with the help of our Resource Library, a place which provides direction on how to organize anything from wills to baby photographs to videos of your child’s first steps.

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Your Memoriis cloud storage footprint is organized into big spaces called “Chests”, and smaller sub-spaces, called “Boxes”. You might decide to have a Chest for each family member, then create Boxes for items such as health records, school photos, financial documents or anything else. In order to avoid clutter, it is recommended that you Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 9.33.25 AMcreate a “general” box that will function like a to do list, to preliminarily put items into before organizing them.

Once you’ve set up your Memoriis chests and boxes, you can view your content from the Album View option or the Timeline View option. As you set up boxes, try to keep the confidential info in separate boxes from content you’ll be likely to share. If you want to get grandma, your uncle or your best friend involved, you can grant secure access to any box, to anyone you choose.

Memoriis is currently in beta, and their initial offering is free for the first three months. Users are allotted up to 5 gigabytes of storage space. After the beta period or 3 month trial, users can pay $5.99 per month (or $59.99/year) for 50 gigabytes, or $9.99 per month ($99.99/year) for 100 gigabytes.

With Memoriis, you won’t have to remember where anything is, just remember your password. Photos, health records and financial documents are stored securely and can be accessed from any screen you happen to be looking at. Give it a try while the trial is still free.


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