Microsoft Gets Into the Online Safety Game

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 8.59.13 AMThis week, software giant Microsoft announced that it has debuted an online safety advice and tools platform, following Facebook who announced similar online safety initiatives earlier this month.

The main goals of Microsoft’s efforts, as outlined by new sections on their website, are to help keep kids safe online, allow all users to avoid online scams and hoaxes and to generally secure personal information.

After spending some time on the site this morning, I can say that the most useful elements of the site revolve around what parents can do to help kids stay safe. The pages “Teach kids online security basics” and “How to help your kids use social websites more safely” are primers on best practices that are a must-read for parents.

As an added bonus, Microsoft has added a bullying quiz, which is embedded below.

Parents who are Microsoft users, or have kids who are, should check out the section covering safety setting and parental controls – they are free resources that can help parents make a step in the right direction in terms of what sites and content your children will be able to access. Nice job by Microsoft understanding the need for more online safety education. The site is well laid out and should be a big help to parents of kids of any age.

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