Monitoring Teens Online – The Time It Takes

An article in Missouri’s Springfield News Leader recently got us thinking about an issue for parents that is framed by the very title of the article – “Parents’ new full-time job: Keeping kids safe online”.

teen-laptopThat sounds like a tall order. Most parents are already busy, and the prospect of taking on an additional job, even part-time, is daunting. When handing over a smartphone to a tween or teen for the first time, no doubt you are taking a risk, or rather putting your child at risk. From the article:

“Teaching safe behavior online is just one step. The process of safeguarding children requires parents to educate themselves on the technology that is being used, the apps used by children and teens, the ramifications of sending and receiving inappropriate words and images, and the new “stranger dangers” that lurk in social media interaction.”

In addition, the article goes on the discuss cyberbullying, limiting excessive screen time, sexting and social media age limits and privacy settings. Yes, keeping an eye on all of that is a huge task.

Even the first part in quotes above is a big undertaking. It takes time to get up to speed on all the sites, social media and apps your child will be using.

Does it have to be a full-time job, or close to it? If you sign up for ThirdParent’s service, keeping your kids safe online and making sure their behavior is responsible takes a small fraction of that.

Our sign up process is quick and easy – five minutes tops. We don’t ask you for your child’s user names or passwords. There is no software to install on your child’s devices.

ThirdParent Parent PortalWithin two weeks, you’ll receive the results of our confidential audit for your child, which will include:

  • Social media and website profiles for all public accounts belonging to your child
  • Links to full accounts
  • Screen shots or links of any inappropriate or unsafe activity
  • Indications of any unsafe activity including privacy settings, existence of Geotags on photos and whether there are too many or revealing selfies or too much personal information disclosed
  • Recommendations on how to fix any areas of concern

In most cases, you and your child can fix what needs fixing in a few minutes.

On an ongoing basis, you will receive an email alert any time we identify risky or inappropriate behavior.

With our flagship level of serve, we will perform a re-audit every six months to identify any new accounts or networks that may have been set up.

Keeping your kids safe and behaving responsibly online does not have to be a full time job and you do not have to become a social media expert. We’re happy to help.




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