More Teens Use YouTube than Facebook

A survey by Wall Street research firm Piper Jaffray has revealed what we have suspected for months now – YouTube is more popular with teens that Facebook – at least with some demographics.

riley-mexico-1The survey, titled “Taking Stock With Teens – Fall 2013”, polled over 8,500 teens with a media age of 16.2 years during the month of September, and focused on such things as shopping trends and brand preferences but also went into some detail on media consumption, including social media.

Not surprisingly, online research and activity has been increasing overall and when it comes to shopping. 78% of teens surveyed reported doing at least some online shopping, up from 70% in Spring 2012, and 25% prefer online shopping to going to stores. In terms of where teens turn to get information on current trends, the internet was reported as the 2nd most popular source, behind only advice from friends and ahead of television and magazines.

When upper income teens were asked which social networks they currently use, the answers were as follows:

  • YouTube – 79%
  • Facebook – 71%
  • Instagram – 70%
  • Twitter – 65%

We expect the migration away from Facebook will be slow but will continue as other options become increasingly attractive. In terms of YouTube, parents should be aware that not only is there a lot of video content that is not safe for younger viewers, but also there is a lot of unsavory activity displayed in the comments section of many videos. For concerned parents of younger users, we recommend turning on YouTube safety mode so that inappropriate videos are not displayed, and you can also opt to hide YouTube comments entirely.


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