Mozilla’s Firefox Joins “Web We Want” Campaign for a Safer Internet

web-we-want-internet-campaignWe hope that a new internet safety and freedom campaign really takes off. Started by internet pioneer Sir Tim Berners-Lee, The Web We Want is a coalition dedicated to bringing change to the internet on both national and global levels that will ensure that the internet of the future is indeed for everyone.

Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox browser, has joined the campaign, and is focused on internet issues related to all users, including children and their safety and privacy. Mozilla published the following video last week to raise awareness for the campaign.

Mozilla is focusing on six key areas in its push to shape the future of the web. It asks whether internet users want a web that:

  • Safeguards privacy
  • Promotes freedom
  • Inspires learning
  • Puts users in control
  • Is available to all
  • Creates opportunity

All are worthy goals, in our opinion.

To join the email support list for The Web We Want, you can sign up here.

A link to the Mozilla project can be found here.


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