New Kickstarter – A Free Version of ThirdParent Social Score

Kickstarter-buttonWe are pleased to announce that we are taking ThirdParent in a new direction, and launching a Kickstarter campaign today to get the ball rolling.

The fact of the matter is that when we launched ThirdParent, we knew that we were introducing a new and different way of offering digital parenting support. Our beliefs about the current state of affairs at that time, most of which are still true, were as follows:

  • Parents weren’t doing enough to ensure safe and responsible internet behavior. This goes not just for older teens, but also for younger kids new to the internet
  • Part of the reason was that existing tools fell far short of providing a good solution
  • Blocking or filtering software could be worked around by resourceful teens
  • Keylogging or other spying software fell short in the privacy department, and required a huge time commitment of the part of parents

Since our launch, the social media and app landscape has only gotten more complex, and the available digital parenting resources haven’t improved that much.

The ThirdParent solution, which respects and protects kids’ privacy while giving parents an accurate snapshot of what kids are doing publicly online solves most of these issues.

We are launching this Kickstarter campaign in order to build out a free version of the ThirdParent product.

That’s right, we’re going to make a Lite version of our service free. If we are successful, parents will be able to access what we think is the best digital parenting resource for free. We want to help parents understand what kids and teens are doing online, and we want our solution to be accessible to everyone.

If you could take a moment to check out our campaign on Kickstarter, share it with friends or even donate, we will be extremely grateful.






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