New Pew Research – Parents and Social Media

There’s a new research report out this month from the Pew Research Center for Internet, Science and Tech, and it’s worth taking a look at the whole report, titled Parents and Social Media.

The results were culled from a number of different surveys commissioned by Pew over the last year, and overall 75% of parents in the sample were social media users themselves.

A look at some of the highlights, along with our comments:

47% of parents surveyed say that they’re friends with their kids on Facebook, but 65% of parents over 40 are. We would have expected this number to be even higher, since we hear from a lot of parents what they “know” what their kids are doing online because they’re friends on Facebook.

About one third of parents have taken to social media to get parenting advice in the last month. It’s not surprising that it is not higher. Parenting questions tend to be personal, and most people’s social media experience is public.

36% of parents of kids over five have had concerns or questions about their technology use in the last year. In our humble opinion, this number should be higher, and we encourage parents to constantly be questioning what their kids are doing online.

Only 12% of parents have been concerned about something someone else posted online about their child. That is good news.

It is important that parents take a genuine interest in what their children are doing online. That can be accomplished either by following at least some of their accounts or consistently talking about safe and appropriate behavior – ideally both.

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