Parenting After the Boston Bombing

This is troubling. There have been at least three school evacuations due to bomb threats in New Jersey alone today, a day after the shocking bomb incident at the Boston Marathon. As of now, none of the threats appear to have been legitimate.

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Parental discussion that I have heard or read about today dealt with:

  • Dealing with children’s fears about not being safe
  • Helping kids grieve and understand, in the event that those affected are part of the community
  • Reminding kids about how to react in the event that they are involved in an attack of some kind

As silly as this might seen, an incident such as what happened in Boston can be used as a tool to teach or remind kids that bomb threats are very serious, never OK, and will be met with steep punishment. I can’t help but wonder whether these NJ kids got the idea for a fake bomb hoax, and by extension a partial day off school, from the Boston tragedy yesterday.

There is no silver lining here. Every bomb hoax can make kids skeptical of alarms in general, and their reactions could be less effective in the event of a real threat.


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