Quib.ly – A Great Technology Resource for Hands-On Parents

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 8.26.03 AMLet’s face it – no parent, no matter how conscientious or diligent – knows everything. A special flavor of parental unease comes when our kids know more about a significant topic than we do. In today’s connected world, the areas in which our kids know more than we do are usually related to the digital realm. Computers, smartphones and tablets come as naturally to kids as sports did to me growing up. What is a parent to do when confronted by a question that has real implications for his kids’ online safety or reputation?

Enter Quib.ly. Founded early this year, Quib.ly is a question and answer site looking to arm parents with the resources necessary to get their kids on the best possible path to using technology and the internet safely and responsibly.

Quib.ly is a members-only site, but it’s free and easy to join and even a quick perusal can make it worth your while. While it is based in the U.K., many of the digital devices and forums utilized by our children know no national boundaries.

As with most question and answer sites, Quib.ly allows anyone to ask or answer questions. Taking a page from Reddit’s book, there is an upvote function that allows the “best” answers to be more highly rated. The site’s questions are sorted into categories, including Apps, Social Media and Privacy and Safety.

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Not every parent has the time or energy to stay on top of everything his or her kids are doing on the internet, but if you’re making an effort, and have a specific question, Quib.ly is a great place to ask it. Based on my experience on the site, the answers are thoughtful and thorough. Additionally, browsing the site can give you a good idea of what other parents are wondering about. Often, the biggest problems are ones you haven’t considered yet.


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