Racial Taunts at Summit / North Plainfield High School Football Game Could Have Broader Consequences

A terrible thing happened at a New Jersey high school football game Friday night. It may end up having wider-reaching implications than the players involved, and possibly others, were anticipating.

The game in question pitted Summit High School against North Plainfield High School. If you’re not familiar with New Jersey, we can tell you that even though the schools are only 10 miles apart, the schools’ student bodies are very different. The North Plainfield school has a much higher concentration of black players than does the Summit school.

In the incident Friday, when the North Plainfield team arrived at Summit for the game, the team found bananas had been placed in the locker room – a gesture that they view as certainly racially charged. There was also a banana placed in a hole in the locker room door, and when a player removed it, someone on the other side of the door reportedly continued to put bananas through the hole.

No doubt the incident will be investigated, and North Plainfield Assistant Superintendent said last night that details had already been forwarded to the NJSIAA, the group that governs NJ high school sports, for an external review.

We have no doubt that the Summit team, if the allegations are proven to be true, will face stiff penalties. There may also be additional parties who are dragged into the mess. Consider the tweet below:


It looks as thought the tweet was posted by another NJ high school football player, but we have redacted the name and are not going to dig any further. If it is indeed a NJ high school athlete, that player, and those who favorited or retweeted the message, could also face stiff penalties. The NJSIAA has a zero tolerance policy against trash talking, and the above tweet certainly qualifies. The wrestlers from Phillipsburg NJ whose season was ended last year over a single photo posted to social media can attest to that.

If the person above or any of those who interacted with the tweet are current players, they should know better. In this day and age, trash talking has no place on the high school field or on social media.


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