Ray Rice and Maryland Mayor Team Up Against Cyberbullying

Ray Rice Facebook BullyingTwo Maryland high schools are in the news for high profile stands that are being taken against cyberbullying.

Baltimore Ravens football star Ray Rice, who has been making the rounds of high schools speaking our against cyberbullying, took to Facebook this week after getting messages from students at Maryland’s Dundalk High School that cyberbullying was rampant at their school:

I want to know exactly what is going on at Dundalk High School. NOT happy about all the messages I am getting from students about a boy being bullied so bad he is attempting to hurt himself repeatedly. NOT happy that many of the messages involve the staff not acting or taking written reports which they are required to do. Don’t be a bystander and let this happen! What the heck is going on??

Rice’s post did not go unnoticed, and as of this writing the post has 11,138 Likes and 1,342 comments. According to a story in the Baltimore Sun, among those standing up with Rice is Aberdeen, Maryland Mayor Mike Bennett, whose own Harford High School is in the middle of a lawsuit filed by parents of a special-needs child who has allegedly been bullied for years.

Clearly, the Mayor of Aberdeen is not in charge of the schools, but the fact that he is joining in the anti bullying message is important:

“The school is in our community and so things that are going on affect our citizens, and I felt like it was just time to step up and bring attention to some of things that are going on,” he explained.

We need fewer bystanders, both among kids and adults, and more people taking a stand against bullying. Of course, a more effective resolution by the schools would be great, but bullying is not just the responsibility of the schools. The louder the conversation, the more likely that parents will join in and deal with their kids head-on, whether that are being bullied, doing the bullying or standing by and letting it happen.


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