Ridgewood New Jersey High School Battling Student Online Nudity

NJ.com today reported that Ridgewood High School and the local police are battling numerous incidents of students possessing, distributing and posting illicit photos or video to the internet.

According to a PDF sent to parents by Superintendent Daniel Fishbein:

ridgewood-nj-hsThe Ridgewood Police and Board of Education are requesting that parents promptly speak to their children about this behavior and to ensure that if their children are in possession of this type of material that it be deleted from their phones and other electronic devices immediately.

Needless to say, even the most conscientious parents in this case are in a tricky situation. Let’s assume that all of the Ridgewood parents take the time to talk to their teens about deleting inappropriate material and how to conduct themselves in the future. Consider any of the following possibilities:

  • A teen forgets that she posted something somewhere in the past and fails to delete it
  • A student does not delete something that he thinks is harmless, but might be viewed as damning by a college admissions officer or future employer
  • A student posted something thinking that it was private, but her privacy settings were incorrect leaving it in the public domain
  • A teen posts something that is private, but one of her “friends” reposts it somewhere else or otherwise obviates the privacy setting

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