Santa Made My Daughter Cry

Okay, to be honest, I made my daughter cry last night. Here’s the story.

My daughter is 7 years old, and she still believes in Santa like it’s her job. Christmas is a wonderful time of year for her.

santa-claus-pnpYesterday, as I have done the last couple of years, I decided to have Santa send her a personalized Christmas video. I used Portable North Pole (PNP), which is fast, easy and has a free version.

As you might expect, PNP asks the parent for a bunch of personal information for the child, such as name, sex, age, gift expectations and a task or chore that the child is expected to perform around the house. They also ask whether the child has been naughty, nice or “in between” for the past year. I didn’t realize what a loaded question the last one was.

I chose the “in between” option, since every kid has something to improve on, finished up the video and emailed it to her without watching the full video. I thought it would be the same as last year’s.

After work I picked up my boys from after school activities and told them to ask her at dinner whether Santa had sent her a video this year, not wanting her to suspect that I was behind it.

At dinner, they did just that. She said no, and they asked whether she had checked her email account. She said, “Only dad can check my email” (of course). I told her we could check after dinner, and we did just that.

After I logged into her Gmail account, she saw that the email was there and demanded that I leave the room so that she could watch it. Apparently she was anticipating a very grave situation.

About 3 minutes later she went running from the office crying. Santa had told her she wasn’t on the Nice List, but that she still had a shot. That was meant to be encouraging but ended up being anything but. It took a while, but by the end of the evening I think she was convinced that if she is a good girl from now until Christmas, she still has a shot.

I know that she is on the Nice List.


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